Dyetech Taiwan and DyTech Taiwan

As you know, Dyetech Taiwan was established in 2003 to manage DyStar's business in the Taiwan area and Taiwanese transplants overseas for 7 years. The quality of service and our team's reputation have been affirmed by our customers' responses. But Dyetech Taiwan was closed in June 2010 when DyStar was acquirer by Manish Kiri and China ( Zheijan Longsheng ) in January 2010.

During China's quick economic assent, the low price strategy has become the main trend for these 20 years. This trend has also affected the textile field. Nobody can compete with the low prices of China.

In the Taiwan market, most dye houses try to get the lowest priced dyes and chemicals to keep the cost down. But after theses years, in retrospect, can the dye houses really survive only by getting lower priced dyes and chemicals? Does it really solve their problem of cost? Do dye houses really benefit when the focus devolves into a vicious price cutting cycle?

Actually, most dye houses are aware that the laboratory accuracy, chemical consistency, reproducibility, processing, etc. are the main issues of dyeing cost , and products’ quality, short leading time are the major competitive strength of a company. But the question becomes who can really offer value products in addition to effective technical service?

On April 1st, 2012, we decided to established a new company: DYTECH TAIWAN LTD., CO. Our goal is to unite all the technicians, chemical suppliers, and dye houses who share the same beliefs to stand together against this “only low pricing” trend. Our logo is “ UCT “ with an emphasis on “Solution”. It’s means “ yoU Can Trust us , when you buy our products, you are not only buying a product but also a SOLUTION to your problems.